The lecture course consists of 48 hours of online webinars and workshops from Ukrainian, Finnish and Belgian experts. Our participants will also have access to a thematic library, which is mandatory for self-study.

Weeks of lectures
start of lectures course
end of the examination session

Objectives of the lectures

  • To provide relevant knowledge and best modern practices that will enrich the worldview and professional activities of program participants
  • Compensate for the shortage of large-scale innovative ideas through international cooperation of designers, technologists, and artists from the three countries
  • Achieve a balance between ethnic intuitive vision and technological novelty of the creative idea, product, and task
  • Get acquainted with modern principles of sustainable urban development, as well as urban trends and ecosystem concepts

hours of online lectures and workshops


tutors from Belgium, Finland and Ukraine


hours per week are required to master the EDU training course

Course program

You have the opportunity to join the webinar program on our youtube channel, or via the educational platform for the selected participants of the Contest.

  • Block1. Philosophy & Concept of Design
  • 16/06

    No Creativity and Innovation without Strategy!
    Alain Heureux, Belgium

  • 17/06

    Philosophy of creativity and entrepreneurship.
    Lauri Järvilehto, Finland

  • 18/06

    Will the globalization swallow the uniqueness of local design?
    Victoria Yakusha, Ukraine

  • 19/06

    What if? We look at the urgent challenges of the near future and imagine fictional worlds and scenarios around them.
    Daria Tsapenko, Ukraine

  • Block 2. Ecosystem and innovation
  • 22/06

    The power of ecosystems: the role of creative industries in promoting innovation in cities and regions.
    Marlen Komorowski, Belgium

  • 26/06

    Crucial innovations & technologies to improve the city ecosystem.
    Alex Prykhodko, Ukraine

  • 29/06

    Art of Co-Creation.
    Matti Hämäläinen, Finland

  • 06/07

    Innovation environment as a service.
    Jarmo Suominen, Finland

  • 07/07

    Modern design technologies for patisserie art creation. </strong
    Dinara Kasko, Ukraine

  • 08/07

    Orchestration of innovation ecosystems.
    Kari Mikkelä, Finland

  • Block 3. Design strategies making society sustainable
  • 10/07

    Emerging Resilient Economy.
    Timo Järvensivu, Finland

  • 13/07

    Business Modelling for a better design.
    Omar Mohout, Belgium

  • 15/07

    Systemic Design Thinking.
    Kristel Van Ael, Belgium

  • Block 4. Human centered design for the beter future
  • 22/07

    Senses & meditation. Human-centered innovations.
    Dilnoza Shaumarova, Belgium

  • 28/07

    The meaning of “Human being”. The evolution of humanism in society.
    Anastasia Mikova, Ukraine/France

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