K.Fund of Vasyl Khmelnytsky is established to support projects in the fields of education and economics. Its goal is to promote the continuous development of the personality in the process of teaching, information sharing, research, and implementation of new ideas.

Today K.Fund, NGO GoLocal, and companies from partner countries — Brussels Creative from Belgium and Urban Mill from Finland — are involved in the implementing of the multidisciplinary program European Design Upgrade (EDU), which aims to unite designers, artists, architects, scientists, IT-professionals, and entrepreneurs in order to solve urgent challenges of urban ecosystems.

EDU is the first modern design course in Ukraine supported by the European Agency for Education and Culture, which is part of the Creative Europe program. For its successful implementation, we brought together the best design experts in Ukraine, as well as Belgian and Finnish lecturers with a vast amount of practical experience.

The implementation of the EDU project is a perfect chance for Ukrainian designers and artists to show themselves in the European arena.

We believe that by having the necessary knowledge, skills, and opportunities, a new generation will be able to transform Ukraine. K.Fund is intended to open access to modern education, provide new opportunities for personal and professional growth.