Urban Mill started as a public-private partnership in 2013. The main partners of the program are the city of Espoo, the University of Aalto, and the Union of Engineers and Architects of Finland TEK. Urban Mill is responsible for concept development, locations operation, and service organization.

Urban Mill itself is a public space, located in the center of Aalto University campus in the innovation park in Espoo. Public and private institutions, researchers, starting entrepreneurs, and students have a place to share ideas with visitors and residents. Urban Mill is a place of creative activities and a smart space for the cooperation of entrepreneurs, citizens, and developers.

Simultaneously, Urban Mill is an accelerator of innovation that shows the results to visitors both physically and virtually.

Urban Mill 2013-2018 in numbers:

  • 150.000+ people participated in 3.500+ registered events on our platform
  • 15.000+ visitors hosted from Finland and abroad
  • 1.000+ pioneers involved in our service co-creation
  • 1.000+ organizations and projects as platform users
  • 100+ teams and startups have joined our community