Signals Covid-19 Risk Estimator

Delicode develops Signals, the anonymous people tracking and counting solution for retail. The Signals Covid-19 Risk Estimator was developed when the pandemic forced many of our clients to shut down in the spring of 2020. Since then we’ve conceptualized the Signals Risk Estimator kiosk.


Project Description

Conceptually the Signals Covid-19 Risk Estimator kiosk combines two of the three things that are known to work in slowing the ongoing pandemic: social distancing and hygiene (we’re yet to implement the detection of the third factor, masks).

As a person prepares to enter or has just entered a space, they are met with the Risk Estimator kiosk which combines a tablet with a disinfectant dispenser. While the user applies disinfectant they are able to observe the infographic on the tablet: a universally understandable signal light graphic which depicts the real-time occupancy situation for the space: green for <50 percent occupancy, yellow for >50 percent occupancy and red for >100 percent occupancy.

The system is built upon Delicode’s state of the art anonymous and fully GDPR compliant, computer vision based, people counting and tracking solution Signals.

The Signals Covid-19 Risk Estimator kiosk was conceptualized during the EDU (European Design Upgrade) Hack organized 28.-30.8.2020. The concept was chosen as one of the winners of the Hackathon.

Julius Tuomisto

Delicode Ltd CEO, Founder

Since 2016 Delicode has developed and licensed Signals, a full stack anonymous people counting and flow tracking solution. Signals fits multiple sectors such as retail, hospitality, safety, industry and smart cities.

I manage day-to-day operations, partnerships, strategy, marketing and sales at our company.

The project is funded by the European Commission, the Agency for Education and Culture, the part of the Creative Europe program, which provides the evolution and progress of the creative and cultural sectors.

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