Pink Glasses

The idea of ​​the Pink Glasses Project is to understand and highlight the global problems of today by creating a new media channel that will convey messages through the prism of pink glasses. Modern society loves fashion and individual clothing to highlight and emphasize your personality. The first such example is the transfer of a social poster to clothing, in an interactive way. The pink room becomes the point of entry into consciousness, covered with pink glasses. And ultraviolet color highlights the problem.

In such an unexpected way, we report the most difficult and frank social problems, here every visitor to the room becomes a certain art object and has the opportunity to become part of a global manifestation of social problems by wearing Pink Glasses.


Project Description

We live in a world that is changing very fast. Over the last year, each of us has felt well how uncertain tomorrow can be. We are so confused that we try to stick to the strategies of our own life that we have defined earlier, but we do not realize how outdated they have become. We have become even more isolated from each other, from the problems of others, from the problems of the environment. Our main task was to find a compromise and balance of existence between the usual model of life and the new one. Thus, every day for us becomes an uncertain experiment for our own life.

But in order to adapt to different formats of our own existence, we mostly abstract from the global problems of the environment, and preserve them. We put on pink glasses and go dancing in a club or a cozy bar. Pink glasses help us to see the world in the cheerful tones we need and in euphoria. But this is just a mask. The number of threats to the existence of the planet, the destruction of nature, animals, the threat of war and the extinction of humanity – is only increasing. What can an artist do? Communicate such problems and threats in the language of a social poster. But in modern circumstances, holding a Biennale dedicated to the social poster has become impossible.

Oleg Bilyi

My path to visual communications and digital lay through wooden blocks, space, the Institute of Oil and Gas, energy and high-voltage equipment. My grandfather helped me to enjoy space and the desire to create and create. Because of this, he changed the field of activity from energy to visual design.

He made the first website for the company he resigned from yesterday. Since then, for 14 years of work in the field of visual communications managed to get a second higher education, take a dozen courses in this field, tell everyone that it is not effective, 2 times to enter without exams in UAL and not go to study, visit 10 startups, draw print with a trident, in which they dressed the whole parliamentary faction, stop being afraid to meet girls, create the largest in Ukraine, 70-meter advertising banner, develop a graphic style for 8 cities of Ukraine, enjoy DJing, shoot 4 music videos, work with the Ministry of Economic Development and UN. During breaks, love the Alps and music on vinyl.

The project is funded by the European Commission, the Agency for Education and Culture, the part of the Creative Europe program, which provides the evolution and progress of the creative and cultural sectors.

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