Personalized prosthetic design matters for people who have their limbs amputated. “Changeable” textile covers allow to choose among various prosthetic leg designs as often as amputees wish. Artists and fashion designers became co-creators of this collection. Due to the interest to this piece of clothing redesign, Changeable is going to launch an online platform, where amputees will be able to share own cover designs. The platform will serve for communication and interdisciplinary collaboration between amputees, designers, artists etc.


Project Description

“Changeable” project aims to improve amputees’ well-being with an aesthetic prosthetic leg design. The idea of interchangeable prosthetic limb design was inspired by an amputee, who wears her prosthetic leg cover for several years, and would like to refresh it’s design. Since 3D printed prosthetic covers cost is usually significant, personalized textile accessories may be the right solution for prosthetic legs redesign. Moreover, textile is likely to provide more pleasant tactile feeling, comparing to plastic.

Textile covers are easy to wear, so amputees may change their favorite leg cover styles as often as they wish. The goal is to make people feel proud of own prostheses instead of hiding them.

Changeable is a collaboration project with designers and artists who have presented their interpretation of cover aesthetics. Amputees also appreciate personalization in prosthetic limbs style, thus in further perspective our online platform will allow them to create and sell own prosthetic covers. The platform will serve for communication, collaboration, finding friends and like-minded people among amputees and people without amputation.

Many thanks to all Changeable team for your skills and support:

Ruslan Tereshchuk, engineer;

Nataliia Havrusenko, textile technologist;

Mariya Borysova and Andrei Kokorine, designers;

Anatolii Babchuk, graphic designer;

Kateryna Sokolova, mentor.

Olia Synyakevych

I am a Ukrainian product designer. My Industrial Design studies at School of Form in Poland were based on humanities, what have influenced my understanding of human needs as a key inspiration for design. I feel interested in creating products for close interaction with our body to enhance its’ physical possibilities as well as our mental well-being.

Currently a combination of prosthetic design with rapid prototyping technologies appeals to me the most. It features captivating process and value for users and society. I enjoy both working by hand and using CAD/CAM design to generate, test and implement new prototyping solutions.

The project is funded by the European Commission, the Agency for Education and Culture, the part of the Creative Europe program, which provides the evolution and progress of the creative and cultural sectors.

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