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Cityscale is a spin-off project from Cityscope project from MIT Media Lab. collaborated with Aalto University in City Science Lab. it is a gamified location-based event and city scaling service for event participants, exhibitors and organisers based on the wifi router data.


Project Description

Participants want to find interesting people and places
Exhibitors trying to understand what is meaningful for the participants
The organizer wants to serve participants and exhibitors better

To locate an interesting person or a hot spot in an event, indoor and outdoor

We track down people’s location and visualize the people flow to give more depth information into the event. The profile of the person is pre-registered and authorized for using.

Different colour represents different groups or status of the people flow; this can be pre-defined. The whole event is at one glance.

We have a score of how active a person is. Also, how many people this person has been interacting with. It is a social game.

More than dot clouds
This solution is not only used in the indoor environment but also in the outdoor scenario to show people flow for the day. The organizer can interact with the visualization on the interactive table using dice. Participants also have an app available on their phone.

We see the number without seeing the number.

Akatsuki Ryu

The project is funded by the European Commission, the Agency for Education and Culture, the part of the Creative Europe program, which provides the evolution and progress of the creative and cultural sectors.

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